Pretty Much Picasso

Gardeners everywhere rejoice with wonder and delight as the Proven Winner company has introduced one of the most popular annuals in recent years. Pretty Much Picasso, a delicious new supertunia has made the world take notice at it's incredible colorway and non-stop trailing habit.
I'm lucky. My parents own this awesome (not so little) greenhouse biz in Central Illinois. Hart's Greenhouse. They send me starters every spring that I transplant into 4" pots and later transplant again into my container gardens.

Pretty Much Picasso stole my gaze this last March. It has that vibrant deep pink as it's predecessor purple wave and a spectacular lime green edge. I spend most of my day gazing at amazing fabric and this flower reminds me so much of that. Lime, fuchsia...what more could a girl ask for?!!

First came the petunia. Gorgeous, spring to fall bloomer, lots of care (deadheading). Then came the wave petunia. It was amazing. Nothing we'd ever seen before. You plant 3 plants in a very large container and it would spill out, over the edge, uncontrolled.....perfect. Then, the Supertunia. An even stronger trailing habit, yet this annual has elimanated the need to deadhead. Even though I still find myself plucking off those dead blooms, if I don't get to it for a few weeks, the blooms will keep on coming.


You'll have to head to your local garden center to see if they carry this amazing annual. It will go fast so don't delay! Here's a look at my Picasso newly planted in it's 4" pot home for the next month. Not to worry. You'll get another look in a month or two as it grows, as it paints a home that is, well.....pretty much picasso.


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