My New Favorites

Like a little kid checking the mail every day, every hour, the mail person finally arrives with my new Kona Color Card. I think I even shrieked a bit as my hands were actually shaking with delight as I opened the package. Unbelievable.

Kona is a solid color fabric made by Robert Kaufman. There are over 220 shades. Again, unbelievable. I opened the package and unfolded it like 6 times until I was completely entranced by the most amazing rainbow of fabric swatches I had ever seen. This card of 221 colors is special because they are actual fabric samples, labeled with each color name.

This way, when trying to match a solid to my fabric, I can hold it up to the card and actually pick the right shade and order it online without hauling my butt over to the fabric store. (imagine angels singing here)

My other new favorite is the website www.fabricshopperonline.com It's awesome for those of us who are addicted to fabric through no fault of our own. I order fabric every week and this awesome site tells me which shops are having a sale and the coupon code! I'm a thrifty gal and this suits me well. What's even better about this site is that the shops feature their newest fabrics, keeping ME in the loop about the new lines showing up on the showroom floor every week. Thank you fabricshopperonline, for being so money-savingly awesome and thank you Mr. Kaufman for your ever-so-divine way of making us spend those savings.


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