Valentine Ring Bling

Every year, my quest is to find a Valentine project that is simple and affordable.  I have 3 children in school now, so even a simple Valentine adds up when multiplied by 75! Enter, the chocolate ring bling.  Simple and very affordable. Perfect for our busy household.


Bag of Hershey Kisses (one kiss per Valentine)
Bag of Red pipe cleaners (one pipe cleaner per Valentine)
String or yarn of some kind
Tags (I purchased pre-cut tags in the scrapbook section, but you can cut your own)
Pen (I used a pretty paint pen that I already owned)

  1. Take out one pipe cleaner and cross the two ends, as shown below. Give one or two twists.
  2. Place the Kiss flat side down on top of the twisted part.

3.  This is where I pic up both pieces and make sure the crossed part of the pipe cleaner is centered on the kiss.  Now bring all 4 pieces up and holding securely at the tip of the Kiss, twist.  I do this a few times and then wind around the sharp ends that remain.  Try to get those hidden as they can be sharp.  Put the ring on your finger to shape.  If it needs to be smaller, a few more twists will work.

4.  I purchased a stamp for the tags, but you don’t have to, or can add a sticker or some other prettiness.  Then, tie the tag onto the ring, fill out the To and From and you’re done!

After you've tied some string onto the tag and then onto the ring, special care should be given to these so they don’t tangle.

Great for teachers and children alike.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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