I just love shopping...have I mentioned that yet? 

I took a quick trip to Marshals to return some drapes and I found these two little beauties on a shelf looking for a home. 

There only used to be one kind of Mod Podge....the original.  You know, with the yellow label?  I saw a pin on Pinterest some time ago that showed all of the kinds of Mod Podge there are available now so I was personally very excited to purchase 2 new kinds of Mod Podge that I didn't already have.  What shall I do with the fabric one?  Perhaps decoupage some fabric onto some picture frames?  The outdoor one will be perfect for those summer days when I'm feeling crafty.

The website from Plaid (the company who makes Mod Podge) is actually really cool.  You can search by craft or occasion.  Just the help I sometimes need to be inspired.  

You never know what you're going to find when you're not looking for it.  What a great excuse to get crafty!


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