Chevron Table Runner

I have to admit that I used to hate table runners.  They always were so old-looking, with tassels on the ends and country type fabric.  I was not a fan.  However, last fall I created a great table runner from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric and fell in love with the possibility that table runners could actually add to my obsession with home decor.

Chevron is one of my latest obsessions and has been for quite some time now and no wonder...it's everywhere!  My customers request it all the time and as a result, I'm addicted. So, I thought I would whip up a chevron table runner for my buffet for spring.  I chose one of Art Gallery's Alhambra II fabric that I had lying around and paired it with Amy Butler's solid in Mist.  The two are simply stunning together.  I have listed a quick tutorial below for those of you who would like to make one too!

I started with some test fabric to see how big I wanted to make my quilt squares, so some of these first pictures are with Riley Blake's medium zig zag in navy (in case you're confused:)

I decided I would start with 6"x 6" squares.  I cut 21 of each the patterned fabric and 21 of the solid color fabric.  It's essential that the two fabrics you choose are contrasting if you want the chevron to really pop.  With right sides together, place a solid and a patterned piece together and sew around the perimeter, with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Once you have sewn all of your squares to each other, Cut on the diagonal both ways so you have 4 triangles. Open and press seams to one side.  You should have a square that consists of both fabrics.

Sew pieces together matching solid to solid and pattern to pattern. I continued this until I made one chain the length of my entire table runner. Press well, seams to one side.  Then make another length, press.

After you have your rows sewn and pressed well, its time to sew them together.  Pin and sew, then press.  Voila!!!  The top is done, so gorgeous!

I use Warm and Bright batting as it is just the best in my opinion.  It's a little more money than the other brands but it's clear when using it that your money did not go to waste.  I chose a white matelasse for the backing and I also used it for the binding. I also stitched in the ditch on the chevron to quilt it a bit.

Don't you love my little clips?  They are the best.  Perfect for working with minky as well.  There are many places you can buy them, but I got mine at XO Gigi Fabrics:)

This pattern would be great for a quilt, but I would definitely make the squares much larger to begin with so you aren't sewing a million little squares together.  Get some crafting done today!!


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