Sherwin Williams Mega Greige Exterior House Paint

After spending last summer surrounded by paint samples, I couldn't be more happier to wake up this morning to new paint on our home.  Having a color consultant made a huge difference.  Most companies supply this service and it was a lifesaver!

Body Color: Sherwin Williams Mega Greige

Trim: SW Heron Plume

Door Color: SW Gauntlet Gray

It works perfectly with our brick color, don't you think?

Happy weekend!


Nursery Must-Have's - Fitted Crib Sheets

Crib Sheets will be one of the most used items in your nursery.  No other item gets used so often as this.  Some nights, you may be changing the crib sheet up to 3 times!  

Fitted crib sheets are a great way to bring color and style into your nursery.  You can purchase several different ones that fit into your decorating scheme to change things up for a few days.  Whether you choose restful or playful prints, one thing is very important....a proper fit.

As a mom of 3 little girls, I have learned that sheets from the big box stores are great at first, but after the first couple of washings, they shrink so much that they barely cover the mattress and often expose the side of the mattress.  Not only does that not fit in with my decorating style, but it's not safe, either! 


Crib bedding should fit well.  No loose gaps, no loose fabric.  That's why I only keep custom made fitted crib sheets.  They do cost a bit more, but will save you hours (read: years) of frustration.  

With hundreds of different fabric choices, you can find the perfect fabric(s) to match your decor and style.  Choose from organic fabric, flannel or the traditional, soft cotton.  

A mommy must-have!


Current Nursery Design Trends - Teething Crib Rail Covers

Scalloped Rail Cover

One of the biggest new trends in nursery and crib bedding design is the addition of crib rail covers.  These covers, while providing color and design to your nursery, also provide a very functional and safe environment for your little bundle of joy.

While most trends move with color and design leading the way, this particular change has been brought about by need.  Teething babies need to chew!  By protecting the rail of your crib from sharp teeth, your crib and child will thank you.

There are a few different styles of rail covers you can choose.  One of the most popular right now is the scalloped rail cover...and you can see why!  Its statement is one your friends won't soon forget.  This combination of coral, mint and gray is sure to be a winner in any household.

Ruffles won't do for your little boy?  These simple style rail covers provide just as much style and function.  Easily washable, you can add these to your nursery and know that these have been a great investment.  

Many crib bedding companies offer custom design for crib bedding.  RockyTop Design (shown here) can work with you to find the colors and fabrics that you envison for your space.  Owner and designer Jayna McCauley says that her customers already have a vision when coming to her.  She goes on to say, "...listening to my clients and helping them to find the perfect combination of fabrics is one of the most rewarding parts of my job."  RockyTop Design has been creating custom crib bedding for nearly a decade.  You can find them on Etsy as well as at www.rockytopdesign.com


Spread the Love

     Valentine's Day has evoked so much hate over the years.  I used to debate the sappy holiday on live radio in college.  I've seen anger in friends' eyes when talking about the ridiculousness of the day and how it was just another day created by a company.

You're wrong.  And here's why.  

We all need love, and who says this day has to be the center of attention for couples in love.  Can't this be about the love that we should all be showing each other every day?  Can this be a day that we try just a bit harder than the day before and day after, with a smile, make someone's day brighter?  Yes, yes it can.

There is such a focus on couples on Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have to be that way. What if...what if, we went around and helped people love themselves better for that day. Give them a glow, a confidence that someone genuinely "loves me".  No romance, just friendly, I value you, love.

So, this Valentine's Day, put down the hate, put down the self-pity (I have it, too) and instead focus on a day to love a little bit better. Gender, age...it doesn't matter.  Hug someone.  Write a note.  Spread the love.

~ Jayna


Quick Teacher Gift

It's December 17th and I need quick ideas for teacher gifts.  I enter my sewing room with open eyes.  I see scrap fabric and insult-bright.

Bam.  Hot Pads for the kitchen!

These are so easy to make that it's almost cheating.  You'll need:
  • Half Yard of Insult-Bright, which is a heat reflective batting.  Ask for it at the cut counter. It's by the interfacing, etc.
  • Scrap Fabrics.  Enough for both sides of the hot pad and binding.
Because I made homemade vanilla extract last May, I was able to package them together!  However, if you don't have happy accidents like that, you can package with your favorite store-bought cookies, etc.  

To assemble the hot pad/pot holder:

I'm using 2 cuts of pretty fabric and 2 cuts of insul-bright.  Measurements are up to you.  I double layer the batting for more protection.  I don't think you have to do this.  There is no top or bottom to this batting.

Much like a quilt, layer the fabrics in this order: 
  1. Pretty fabric right side down
  2. both layers of insult-bright
  3. pretty fabric right side up
  4. Pin in a couple of places to secure while you sew. Yes, you have to do this.
This is where I quilt the layers together.  I didn't use a free-motion quilting foot here and kept the feed-dogs up....from what I can remember.  I just sewed it all together in whatever pattern my pretty little, creative mind wanted to.  After getting it nice and quilted, trim it up in a nice square.  Add binding.  I'm not adding instructions for binding, but if you need one, this one is the best! 

Press and you're done.  Perhaps teachers can't use more hot pads, but perhaps they can.  I love handmade teacher gifts and I think (I hope) they do, too.  After all, they're protecting, teaching and loving my kids all year long.  

Happy creating!


New Website Coming Soon!

Hello, lovely blog world!  I am excited to announce that RockyTop Design finally has it's own .com

www.rockytopdesign.com has been a long road coming, but we have finally arrived.  I look forward to many new products and fabrics as we move forward.  Go RockyTop!