Quick Teacher Gift

It's December 17th and I need quick ideas for teacher gifts.  I enter my sewing room with open eyes.  I see scrap fabric and insult-bright.

Bam.  Hot Pads for the kitchen!

These are so easy to make that it's almost cheating.  You'll need:
  • Half Yard of Insult-Bright, which is a heat reflective batting.  Ask for it at the cut counter. It's by the interfacing, etc.
  • Scrap Fabrics.  Enough for both sides of the hot pad and binding.
Because I made homemade vanilla extract last May, I was able to package them together!  However, if you don't have happy accidents like that, you can package with your favorite store-bought cookies, etc.  

To assemble the hot pad/pot holder:

I'm using 2 cuts of pretty fabric and 2 cuts of insul-bright.  Measurements are up to you.  I double layer the batting for more protection.  I don't think you have to do this.  There is no top or bottom to this batting.

Much like a quilt, layer the fabrics in this order: 
  1. Pretty fabric right side down
  2. both layers of insult-bright
  3. pretty fabric right side up
  4. Pin in a couple of places to secure while you sew. Yes, you have to do this.
This is where I quilt the layers together.  I didn't use a free-motion quilting foot here and kept the feed-dogs up....from what I can remember.  I just sewed it all together in whatever pattern my pretty little, creative mind wanted to.  After getting it nice and quilted, trim it up in a nice square.  Add binding.  I'm not adding instructions for binding, but if you need one, this one is the best! 

Press and you're done.  Perhaps teachers can't use more hot pads, but perhaps they can.  I love handmade teacher gifts and I think (I hope) they do, too.  After all, they're protecting, teaching and loving my kids all year long.  

Happy creating!

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