Spread the Love

     Valentine's Day has evoked so much hate over the years.  I used to debate the sappy holiday on live radio in college.  I've seen anger in friends' eyes when talking about the ridiculousness of the day and how it was just another day created by a company.

You're wrong.  And here's why.  

We all need love, and who says this day has to be the center of attention for couples in love.  Can't this be about the love that we should all be showing each other every day?  Can this be a day that we try just a bit harder than the day before and day after, with a smile, make someone's day brighter?  Yes, yes it can.

There is such a focus on couples on Valentine's Day, but it doesn't have to be that way. What if...what if, we went around and helped people love themselves better for that day. Give them a glow, a confidence that someone genuinely "loves me".  No romance, just friendly, I value you, love.

So, this Valentine's Day, put down the hate, put down the self-pity (I have it, too) and instead focus on a day to love a little bit better. Gender, age...it doesn't matter.  Hug someone.  Write a note.  Spread the love.

~ Jayna

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