Pretty Bird!

I love the new fabrics coming out this year. Pretty Bird is Pillow and Maxfield's newest creation for Michael Miller and I absolutely adore. These fabrics resonate a passionate movement, bright with fresh designs and feelings.

3 different colorways are represented: Aqua, Blue and Spice (my personal fav).

Some of the more bold prints being "Pretty Bird", "Dancing Flowers" and "Twirling Tendrils". Of course, no line would be complete without coordinating stripes, which are present here.

Here are just 3 of the Pretty Bird prints in this lucsious collection. You can view the whole collection on Michael Miller's website.

Some of this season's hottest trends lend towards Aqua (of course) and blues. What I love about this collection is that it will be hotter than ever later this summer and into fall with it's Spicey side. The warm tones of red and golden amber are going to be perfect as the temps heat up.
For those aren't familar, Pillow and Maxfield have also created the Whimsy collection, which is already on backorder with manufacturers and getting harder to come by.
Happy Sewing!

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