The Sun is Always Shining Somewhere

Welcome Rain. Here in Colorado they say that it's sunny over 300 days of the year. I find this to be true. It's gorgeous. Occasionally though in this spring/summer month, I will find myself hibernating inside the entire weekend due to rain (namely this weekend). This is not common here, but it does happen.

On occasion my 4 year old will comment, "It sure is a beautiful day". Naturally, this makes me beam. To me, I've done my job. I strive constantly to ensure that my two young children appreciate all that this lovely planet has to offer; both visually and nutritionally;) We are so fortunate to gaze at these Rocky Mountains every day and I know this to be exceptionally true due to the fact that I grew up in Illinois (where there's barely a damn hill).

Yesterday, my toddler asked me, "Mommy, why are the clouds covering up the blue sky?" Someone other than myself answered her with a "because it's a miserable day". Usually my answer would be somewhat about the science of why clouds exist and why we should appreciate the rain because of the flowers and trees blah, blah, blah. The unsatisfied toddler just lowered her head as if disappointed, because she knew not of a miserable day.

It made me realize that our outlook on life is only measured in the way it is viewed. My 4 year old will look at a storm cloud and appreciate it, but only because I've taught her to do so. I'm fairly sure this is because my mom taught me to look the same way at a dreary day.

This may make you throw up in your mouth a bit, but seriously people, take what's around you and find the positive. Why make life crappy if you can change your attitude and be happy; find something enlightening about that cup of milk overturned on your kitchen floor. (btw, I haven't found something positive about that scenario yet, but will let you know when I do).

Take a look at that rain and realize that now you don't have to pull weeds all day or sweat your ass of washing your car. Spend time with your kids, letting them know just how lucky they are to be living in the city, or on the plains or next to those gorgeous mountains. After all, they only know what you teach them:)

Have a rockin' day


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