Coffee Table turned TV Stand

I haven't painted many pieces of furniture, but I'm always so pleased with the results.  We bought a new TV and therefore, needed a new TV stand.  I couldn't bring myself to buy something new, so I went in search of something that would work from Craigslist.  Found it.  Gorgeous and in perfect condition, this coffee table was to be the new TV stand.

Fresh off of Craigslist

I started with spray primer.  After doing some research, I decided to use the Kilz brand spray primer.  I did a bit of light sanding first, then I wiped clean with water.  After drying, I used the spray primer on it, until it was almost white.

Primer added

After drying overnight, the next morning I bought an antique white spray paint.  I almost used a roller and paint, but I just didn't have it in me to get all of that out.  Rustoleum was the winning brand here. Nice, light, even sweeps when spraying.  I put some fans on it and let it dry for another 5 hours before I went over it with a 2nd coat of the antique white color.  Paint takes longer to dry when it's cold.  After the second coat, I allowed it to dry overnight.

The top of the TV stand is where I was torn.  I thought about painting the whole thing antique white and then distressing.  I also thought about using a bright turquoise for the top.  I had that spray paint already but I couldn't figure out how to cover the rest of the table well enough to use spray paint on the top only.  I seriously didn't have time to waste on that.  I finally reached into my extensive collection of paint in a can and found the perfect shade of light, celery green.

I used a brush and it worked great.  I had my mind set on distressing after drying, but I just loved the look of the table without it.  I'm not into the whole 'shabby chic' look anyway, so I went for the 'brand new' look.  Hot damn.  This table turned out gorgeous.

Paint Finished!

I always like to finish up with a thin coat of Polycrylic.  You can get that in the wood stain section in the hardware store.  It adds a bit of sheen, but mostly just protects it from fingerprints and scuffs, etc.

I finished it off with a new gallery wall.  I scored gray/silver baskets at TJ Maxx.  Love it.

My advice, don't be afraid of trying this.  Always make sure to let the paint dry well in between coats and keep away from flying dust, etc.  You've got this!!


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  1. Jayna~ You are so talented. This table turned out great! Kelsey