Climbing Trees and Firefly Dreams

As grand as these mountains are outside my kitchen window with their snow capped tops, they small in comparison to the vast openness of the prairies of Illinois.  I grew up in the midwest and to me, that is beauty.  The gently blowing breeze over-top the grain filled fields holds a gentle picture in my mind that I suspect, always will. 

I have come to discover that the place you call home...truly home...will always be the most beautiful.  Maybe the dirty, city streets for the city born aren't the fondest to remember, but I would bet that the towering architecture and buzzing streets hold a corner of your heart.  My husband was born here in Colorado, so the Rocky Mountains are something he continues to love and cherish every single day.  While I am in complete amazement of these hills of strong granite, somehow the prairies, wandering creeks and fireflies of the midwest make me feel at peace and at home.

I came upon Sarah Jane's new fabric line today and not only is it gorgeous, but it reminds me of home.  Wee Wander from Michael Miller is a great representation of what life is like through the eyes of a child in the Midwest.  Fireflies, climbing trees, leaves and pinecones, frolicking birds and ponies are some of the memories featured in these fabrics. In Illinois,we didn't have too many ponies, just cows.  I don't suppose cows playing in the fields and flowers would have made such a pretty print;)

While these fabrics won't be showing up my shop until January, I couldn't wait another minute to introduce them to you.

Meanwhile, take a moment to remember your childhood days.  For me, my fondest memories are playing in the creek with my brother, Eric or playing catch in the front yard.  Catching fireflies in the dark, warm nights is an amazing experience that every child should have.  If you can't have that, you can at least get an idea of what that might be like.

 Fly home, firefly.


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