Designer Spotlight: Jackie McFee

It would normally be my intention to interview said designer, but with my shop in full swing, I just don't have time for that.  However, I came across a fabric designer today and I just LOVE everything she has!  I'm not sure if it's the color I love more or her design. Her fabric designs are currently being printed by Camelot Fabrics.  It's no secret to my friends that I'm a chevron addict. I don't think there's a room in my home that doesn't have chevron in some form. 

Jackie feeds right into this addiction and temps me with additional wonders like large dots, anchors and stripes.  I know from experience that these designs will be wildly popular with my moms-to-be when ordering their custom crib bedding.  Here are some of my favorites that I uploaded today:
In the Navy

I love how the colors react with one another and seem to be the perfect combination of contrast but with a similar feel as if they just belong together.  The stripes, the dots...they are just fabulous.  Jacqueline has a great website that features her retail bedding designs and home office supplies.  You can read about her successes on her website.   Great job, Jackie!


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