I Hate Spring Cleaning

Ugh...that time of year again. I mean, Yay!! That time of year again! I hate cleaning. What's worse than the fact that I hate cleaning is that I have NO time to clean. I sew all day, then make dinner for the fam, kids to bed and then resume sewing.

However, today I made time to clean. I even dusted. Being that I'm allergic to dust, I never dust. You'd think I might keep up on the dusting due to my allergy, but it makes me sneeze so much, I don't do it all all! Good thing I have a husband that loves to clean:) I'm not joking by the way, he loves to clean.

Now that I have successfully cleaned most of my home, I feel like there should be something else I need to do that I have put off. I've been tossing around the idea to start making crib mobiles and start selling them on RockyTop, but I rarely have the time to experiment with the design. I love these birds that my friend made and featured on her blog, Tots and Bottoms...they are so cute!

For the mobiles I'm thinking birds, butterflies, little fabric balls and so on. I could make mobiles to match the bedding for my customer, making the set super duper cute! Much like the cleaning, eventually the time will come when it must be done.

Hobby Lobby has some nice fabric that I love from Brother Sister Design Studio. You can view some of my favorites here and here. I think some of these fabrics would make the perfect experiment fabric for my mobiles. Of course, I could use the several hundred yards of fabric that have already accumulated in my studio. But, that would be so boring, haha.

I guess for now I'll just keep on sewing and ignoring the cleaning and the mobile making. What's a girl to do? I know, I know. I'm supposed to do the cleaning, make the mobiles and run a successful business. Ugh.

Happy spring to you!

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