The Dots Have It

It was my fault. Staring at those blueberries at the new Sprouts in town. 4 packages for $5. How could I go wrong? Seriously, how could anybody go wrong with 4 packages of blueberries stacked precariously in their fridge one on top of the other. You know how those flimsy little cartons pop open by themselves all the time. I made the mistake of touching the delicately balanced, quivering tower of goodness. It's almost like a car accident. You know it's happening and you see it all in slow motion. I saw them falling ever so slowly. Falling, falling until I saw 3 packages of blueberries all over my (not so clean) kitchen floor.

My girls exclaim with delight as they help to pick up/eat the berries. It's like a speckled mess; eloquent dots all over the floor. Dots...hmmmm...is this what Michael Miller sees when he has a thought for one of his fabrics? I mean, he is quite literally the king of dots. As I pick up the berries one by one I tried to count how many dot patterns this modern master of fabric design has in his present repitoire.

I was able to count 7 in my head, only to sit down at my computer to find more. Ten. Ten dot patterns that lay in print at this time. Even more that don't actually have the term "dot" in the name of the fabric. Hoopla Dot, Play Dot, Disco Dot, Dumb Dot, Ta Da Dot, Quarter Dot, Lolli Dot, Ooh La Dot, Ring Dot and PinDot. They all come in different colors, some reversed, some just in black. All gorgeous.
medium size
Dots are great. They coordinate so perfectly with most any pattern. Damask, stripe, other dots and so many other great patterns.
Speaking of patterns, did you know the secret to mixing patterns? They have to be of different scale. Ever wander into someone's home and see all of the different fabrics and textiles they have? They have so many patterns, so many colors, and they all seem to go together so well. It's because they are a differnt scale (aka different size). We're not talking centimeters or half inches different, we're talking a large difference that is easy to see. There, that's one of my secrets. I hope you're happy.

So, the dots have it. Not only are they loved across the world, but they're so easy to love. So symetrical; much like a beautiful woman's face. Looking for an easy pillow to accessorize your already-decorated living room? I suggest a dot.

Have a lolli dottie day,


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  1. The scale information totally makes sense but I guess I never thought about it. My mind always goes right textures.