Your Guess Would Not be My Guess

So often I put up a new color palette thinking that one or two of my most favorite fabrics will be the focus of that palette. Not so often I find! I am constantly amazed by the fabrics that emerge as the most popular.
So how do these trends emerge? I suppose most of it comes from the governing minds that decide what colors we will like this spring, this fall and even the next fall for that matter (aka, Pantone). There was a time that I thought colors just became popular for no reason, just like it magically appreared. Ha ha, not so.
I suppose our eye is also drawn to plain, good design. If I were to pick up a brush and paint, I’m not so sure you would be drawn to what would emerge. In fact, I’m very sure you would not be drawn to it. But, I think about fabric designers like Alexander Henry, Laura Gunn, Heather Bailey, amoung others; and how I relish on the design that is clearly the pulling force to ones contentment. Several weeks ago I stumbled up on Laura Gunn’s Line, “Poppy” and practically had to wipe the drool off of my netbook.
I suppose in some ways, the fabrics I predict that will be ‘hot sellers’ do end up being just so, but in other ways, I am way off base. While I like Herny’s 2D Zoo in Pool, I could have not predicted the massive amounts of that specific fabric I would purchase in the last 6 months. So, I will keep on guessing, supposing what my customers will drool over. But, in the meantime, I will keep adding fabric to my store that would not be my guess.


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